Our range of solar products provide heat and or ventilate, we are not in the solar electricity business but we do sell extraction fans that run from solar electric panels.


Energy from the sun heats the air in the roof space or a solar panel which can then be distributed through the home.  This method of heating has the added benefit of introducing fresh air from outside at the same time.  The amount of heat gained depends on the weather and the ability of the roof space or size of the solar panels to harvest the suns energy.   Every home needs an amount of fresh air ventilation, solar heating provides pre-heated ventilation which is much better than letting cold air into the home via windows and doors.


We provide a range of electric fans that are driven by photo-voltaic panels making them free to operated while the sun is shinning.  These types of fans are suited for applications that may only require ventilation/extraction during the day such as sub-floor ventilation or to exhaust roof heat during summer.