New Ventilation duct system fully installed

  • Warm Air Transfer $1,950
  • Condensation Control $2,400 (2 outlets) $2,600 (4 outlets)

Pellet Fires Tasmania developed the WarmNdry home ventilation system in 2004 specifically to combat the “Crying Windows” problem found in many Tasmanian homes.Heat transfer kits have been available for many years used mainly with wood heaters to distribute excess heat around the home. New technology has allowed Pellet Fires to re-invent our ventilation and heat transfer products using our new Small Duct System, EC fan technology and environmental controllers. Our systems come fully installed with 3 years warranty and a money back guarantee to control condensation. The EC fan technology provides lower cost operation, very quiet and variable speed from 0 to 100% unlike old AC fans.

Simple Warm Air Transfer – $1,950 fully installed

Air transfer systems use excess heat to warm other areas of the home by transferring it from one room to multiple rooms. Typical home heating concentrates on warming the lounge, which means you are often ‘Hot’ in one room while the rest of the house is unbearably cold. Heat transfer overcomes this issue by effectively transferring the excess heat from this room to other rooms in the home.

For heat transfer to be effective, a source of heat is required as well as suitable air handling equipment and an air return path to allow air circulation to occur. Wood heaters produce excess heat and are ideal for this purpose where as heat pumps normally do not provide the extra heat required to heat the rest of the home.

Heat transfer

Traditional WarmNdry – Condensation Control – from $2,400 fully installed

Positive Pressure Ventilation System designed specifically to improve air quality by introducing fresh air and expelling stale air in an automatic and controlled manner. The roof space provides solar heat gain and allows ducting to distribute air through the home. Crying windows (condensation) is the most obvious symptom that a home has inadequate ventilation. Other symptoms include mould, mildew and musty smells.

Condensation Control