Hydronic – boilers

Hydronic heating distributes heat via hot water circulating around a radiator network. This type of heating is common in Europe.   Wall radiators are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit most rooms.  Plumbing is required to connect the radiators or in slab coils to the boiler which is best installed during the building or major renovation stage.  The Sampson Hydronic heater does not need to be located outside or in a utility room like other gas or wood boilers because the unit is a heating feature which can be located in the living room providing warmth and ambiance.

Please be warned that there are companies quoting ridiculously high prices ($20k to $30k) for an installed Hydronic system. Our average installed package prices for typical 3 bedroom homes have been around $15k which includes the flue, heater installation, plumbing and radiators.  We welcome the opportunity to provide you with an honest quote.

** New range of Hydronic Heaters now available **

Three new sizes have just arrived 18kw,  24kw  and  35kw pellet boilers.

We have the 18kw Hydronic pellet heater set up and working in the Hobart showroom.  Download the brochure Hydronic Heaters 2015

Radiator prices depend on the size and style of panel. Allow an average of $350 per room heater plus plumbing.