Bio-Energy Rebate

A rebate is available from Pellet Fires Tasmania for purchases of new pellet heaters from 9th March 2017 until 28th February 2018. The rebate is calculated by multiplying the maximum rated heat output by $25 for each Kilowatt of heat. The rebate is redeemed at the time of heater purchase and is applied as a CREDIT on the customers account. The credit is applied to future pellet fuel purchases but it can not redeemed for cash.

Model Max Output (kw) Rebate ($)
Bungalow 5 $125
Mini 6 $150
Grace (small) 8 $200
Mini and Round 9 $225
Maxi 12 $300
Grace (large) and Wellington 13 $325
Samson 18 18 $450
Samson 24 24 $600
Samson 35 30 $750
Samson 50 50 $1250

An example of the value of this rebate is as follows:  The most popular sized heater we sell is 9 kw which will receive a $225 rebate.  66% of all our customers in Tasmania purchase less than $660 worth of pellet fuel.  So the first $225 is paid for via the Rebate Credit providing a saving in the first year of around 49% for the average customer.