Radiant Wood Heaters

Eureka Cooker

Use of top plate for pots, pans and frypans

Single oven

Optional hot water booster

Standard Glass doors

Heats up to 120m2

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Thermalux Grand Cuisine with Wetback

The Thermalux Grand Cuisine offers a genuine four oven cooking stove with a huge array of facilities.

It comes with 4 genuine ovens, an enormous Main Hotplate , Removable 250mm drop scone or pancake hotplate which can be easily removed to place a wok directly on the flames., and two Simmer Plates. The ovens are self cleaning and independantly adjustable. The firebox is able to take timber up to 450mm long

Hot water options include a 5kw Stainless Steel water jacket for Domestic hot water up to 400l, an 8kw Stainless Steel water jacket for larger domestic and some small hydronic projects  and a 16kw Boiler for larger hydronic heating projects up to 160m2 This is the Thermalux Grand Cuisine CD

 The Thermalux Grand Cuisine  has a range of options including glass oven doors, splash back with built in plate rack, dry model ( no water jacket) Chrome hotplate covers, & Chrome hob.

The flue is standard on the right hand side, however this can be optioned as  left,  a rear flue option is also available

A plinth is available to raise the stove to bench height (900mm) when installing on concrete floors

The Grand Cuisine is the perfect cooker for the serious cook, entertainer or commercial application.


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Thermalux Stirling Supreme with Wetback

The Stirling series is the pinnacle of contemporary design in the Thermalux stoves range .Using the Supreme Mk III or the Grand Cuisine as the base stove the Stirling upgrade has a highly polished traditional Nickel Chrome stove top and hotplate covers, gloss finished doors in a range of designer colours

All STIRLING models have a 5kw domestic hot water jacket. 8kw and 20kw(CD) are also available as an option for hydronic heating

The STIRLING Supreme comes with two wire  and two solid oven trays whilst the STIRLING Grand Cuisine gets four wire and three solid oven trays and both have an oven baking dish as standard

Options include Glass Oven Doors, colour matched Splashback , plinth.


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Thermalux Supreme with Wetback

The Thermalux Supreme Mk III is a high quality, two oven, slow combustion cooking stove with the option of a domestic wetback or hydronic heating for a 200m2 (20sq) home .and the has the largest hot plate and oven of any Australian made cooking stove on the market.

The original Thermalux Supreme was launched onto the market almost forty years ago, and has had only a few cosmetic changes in that time., proving that the design is timeless and reliable throughout the years

The Supreme is built to last and is constructed from cast iron, heavy gauge steel and stainless steel components.

All ovens are manufactures from thick plate steel , unlike others made from light steel, which tend to burn out over time. The Supreme ovens will last the life of the stove and that could be as high as 50 years or more! The ovens are self cleaning and self venting and maintain an even all round temperature for perfect baking. Temperature is controlled  with dual air controls, a flue damper and  dilution control, all giving a swift response to temperature requirements

The huge, solid cast iron hotplate is the largest available manufactured in Australia. The hotplate is capable of accommodating up to six saucepans and there is a convenient  cast iron simmer plate to keep things “just on the boil”

When the hotplate  not in use the hinged hotplate covers retain the heat in the stove.

Options include a Glass oven door, Splashback with built in plate rack, Chrome hot plate covers, Powder coated doors and a Plinth to raise the height of the stove to bench high

The Supreme Mk III can also be “Mirror Imaged” placing the oven and the flue on the left and the firebox and water pipes on the right, making some installations easier.

The Supreme Mk III comes in a choice of  hard wearing specialist painted finishes Standard colours are Black, Charcoal, Blue, Green and Brown. (See Colour card on right) Mojave Red is also available at a small extra cost

The Supreme also has the option of a 5Kw Wet back (water jacket) for domestic hot water heating, or an 8kw Wet Back for domestic and small hydronic supply or even a massive 20kw for hydronic projects up to 200m2 (or a little less with domestic hot water as well).


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Thermalux Clarendon with Wetback

Thermalux Clarendon is an extremely fuel efficient, small to medium sized wood cooker with options to suit new and refurbished locations for a wood stove.

The Clarendon basic unit consists of a single oven, large cooktop with lift off hot plate covers, firebox with 5kw water jacket for domestic hot water an ashtray and has a centrally located flue.

The basic Clarendon can be mounted on a brick plinth or either a steel Base Cabinet for a contemporary look or on Legs  for a more traditional colonial style.

An optional splashback can also be added and a rear flue option is  available. The doors on the cooker and base cabinet are also available in optional powdercoat coloursand the oven door has an Glass Door option

The charm of a Clarendon Colonial with splash back and Queen Anne style legs is perfect for that country kitchen or restored Victorian or Edwardian cottage.

You choose the stove to suit your kitchen decor  requirements.

The Clarendon is also available a a ‘dry’ model , without the hot water jacket

The Clarendon is available in the standard Thermalux colour range.


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Thermalux Gourmet Cooker

The Gourmet Cooker heats, cooks and provides hot water for all the family’s needs when fitted with the optional hot water jacket- wet back.

The Gourmet offers a a large space heating capacity, up to 180m2, a good sized oven with a self cleaning  glass door with thermometer and a huge top cooking surface.

The firebox being directly below the cook  top gives excellent hotplate temperatures and the higher position of the firebox makes loading of fuel a breeze.. no bending down!

The Gourmet is best placed in the lounge dining or family room as a space heater and can also be sited in the kitchen as a cooker if desired

The unique venting system makes for easy contol of oven temperatures for all cooking requirements.
Available in five standard colours:- Moss Green, Blue, Golden Fire Brown Charcoal and Metallic Black, with a crisp, clean Chrome Trim with optional splash back also available, as is brass trim.

Mojave Red is also available at a small additional charge. Down load the colour card at the link below
The firebox is large and super responsive. The oven comes standard with oven rack and tray. The Gourmet will burn coal, but is more suited to burning wood, having both top and bottom air controls.


The Gourmet is also available In a central heating model – Gourmet CD – with a boiler output of approximately 15kW – more than enough to heat the average three bedroom home.


All Gourmets are hand built by experienced Australian craftsman to give the quality and individuality not achieved by mass production.


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Aranbe 220

Heats up to 240m²

1.7 grams emissions rating

67% Efficient

Radiant and convection

Choice of legs or pedestal

Optional three speed fan

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Aranbe RAD 240

Heats up to 240m²

1.7 grams emissions rating

67% Efficient


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Aranbe RAD 160

Heats up to 160m²

1.5 grams emissions rating

60% Efficient


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Eureka Nugget Freestanding

Heats up to 180m²

1.1 gram emissions rating

69% Efficient

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