December 13, 2018

New Updates

  • Scottsdale distributor. Tasmanian Hardwood Pellets now available at Stronach Industries Group Pty Ltd. 32 William St, Scottsdale 63522422.
  • New Norfolk distributor. Tasmanian Hardwood Pellets now available at Phoenix Garden Supply 120 Glebe Road, New Norfolk. 0402 772 960.
  • Hardwood pellets available in Launceston, Ulverstone and Hobart. Tasmanian made pure hardwood not a blend.  We now have two Tasmanian pellet mills capable of making pellets from hardwood.
  • Secure pellet supply for Tasmania.  Pellet Fires Tasmania has supply agreements with 4 individual pellet mills and can source from another 5 mills if required ensuring supply all year round.
  • Bio-Energy REBATE ends on the 28/2/18.
  • Mures Lower-deck restaurant on the Hobart waterfront have 2 pellets keeping customers warm in winter.
  • The world leading Three Capes Track selected pellet heating for all their Eco cabins.
  • Bio-Energy REBATE Available for new pellet heaters purchased after 9/3/17. $25 per kilowatt of the rated max output. Eg a 13kw pellet heater will receive a credit of $325 off pellet fuel purchases. This is about half of the first years cost of pellets for the average Tasmanian customer.
  • Pellet BBQs have arrived and are in stock from $399 for the portable, $699 for the hooded BBQ on the standard cart and $999 for the premium cart. $100 discount for Pellet Club customers.
  • The winner of the weekend away competition is Peter Dutton from the North West Coast. Peter purchased a pellet heater recently from the Ulverstone store. Congratulations Peter, I am sure you will enjoy a weekend away at Cradle Mountain.
  • Cold smoke generators are in stock in Hobart.
  • Oakdale Industries have started to supply us with pellets made at their new pellet mill in Hobart. Supply is limited however it is a welcome addition to our other 4 suppliers further increasing availability and a secure future. The good news is that there has been no need to limit customer orders this season.
  • Pellet supply is secure. Pellet Fires Tas and ANE have signed an agreement ensuring low cost pellet fuel for Tasmanian pellet heater customers. Download the Press Release from the Download Menu above.
  • More choice – 16 different models of pellet heaters. 5 new models arriving late Feb 2016.
  • Pellet Fires Tas has by far the biggest range of pellet heaters available anywhere in Australia. All heaters are thermostatically controlled with programmable timers as standard.
  • Yoder pellet smoker BBQs are now available in Tasmania. Check out the BBQ page.
  • New Ulverstone store and depot Yes, our Ulverstone store has moved from Queen St to Victoria St. The new store is much bigger allowing us to store pellet fuel and display our growing range of heaters. Drop in to say hello to Peter and Colleen.
  • New Launceston store and fuel depot Fuel depot, pick up 1 bag or a pallet at the lowest prices in Tasmania. Call in for a cup of tea with Chris and Peppa and see the huge range of NEW pellet heater models.